The members of the Committee are appointed directly by the highest authority of their respective religious community whom they represent and to whom they report.

The members of the Committee are de facto members of the Arab Group for Islamic-Christian Dialogue, affiliated to the Middle East Council of Churches. Some are founding members of this Group.

The Committee meets on regular basis in order to deal with issues related to the Islamic-Christian Dialogue and joint matters ; in emergencies they keep their meetings opened in order to follow-up on field contacts necessary for specific actions in specific situations.

The actual members are listed below by order of the date they integrated the Committee.


Click to EnlargeEmir Hares Chakib Chehab

General Secretary of the Committee. Emeritus President of the Maronite League. Emeritus President of the Union of Christian Leagues in Lebanon.

Jurist and lawyer, consultant in the field of public relations and the owner of the Arab News Agency which he founded after leaving his key position in the Ministry of Information. Furthermore, he is the President of the Union of the Emirs Chehab family in Lebanon.

He represents the Maronite Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East on the Committee, and coordinates with the other Christian Communities not directly represented in the Committee.


Click to EnlargeMr. Mohammad As- Sammak

General Secretary of the Committee, he is actually consultant of H.E. Prime Minister Mr. Saad Hariri.

Political scientist, he is the General Secretary of the Permanent Islamic Spiritual Summit in Lebanon, and member in several organizations such as the National Lebanese Unesco Committee, the Lebanese writers’ Association, the Syndicate of Journalists, and others. He is the Editor in Chief of the review Al-Ijtihad and writes in several other newspapers.

He represents Dar Al-Fatwa on the Committee.


Click to EnlargeDr. Jean Salmanian

Dr. Jean Salmanian, is the Chancellor of the Armenian Prelacy of Lebanon.

He received his PhD in Arabic Language and Literature and is professor of Arabic in Haigazian University and member in various Committees of the Middle East Council of Churches (M.E.C.C) representing the Armenian Orthodox Church.

He represents the Catholicaste of Cilicia (Antelias – Lebanon) and the Armenian Community in Lebanon on the Committee.


Click to EnlargeMr. Camille Menassa

Director of “L’Orient- le Jour”, newspaper and CEO of the publishing house ‘L’Orient-le Jour”. He is a professor at Saint-Joseph University, Vice-President of the Arab World Cultural Council, member of the Executive Committee of the Press Order, in addition to many other responsibilities.

Jurist by education, Mr.Menassa has a long career in media and journalism in different Lebanese and international television stations and media organizations.
He represents the Greek Catholic Partriachate of Antioch and all the East.


Click to EnlargeJudge Abbas Selim El-Halabi

Jurist and judge as a background, he is member of the Permanent Secretariat of the Islamic Spiritual Summit and in charge of the key responsibilities in the Druze Community who appointed him as her representative to the Vatican Synod for Lebanon in 1995.

Founder and active member of several national organizations. Member of the Executive Board of Bank Beirut and the Arab Countries, he is the Legal Consultant of the Bank.

He represents the Druze House of the Community on the Committee.


Click to EnlargeMr. Michel Elias Abs

Professor at Saint-Joseph University of Beirut, he is the former Chairman of Department and Sociology and Anthropology. Econimist and sociologist as background education. Dr.Abs is a consultant in Development and Organization, and the former Director of the Lebanon Emergency and Development Program of the Middle East Council of Churches. In parallel to his business activities, he is the founding member and the member of several intellectual and social actions, local and international organizations.

He represents the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch and all the East.


Click to EnlargeDr. Ali El-Hassan

Pediatrician- Graduate of Erlangen University in Germany. Assistant Professor at Frankfurt University, 1967-1968.

He is the founder of “The Lebanese- German Friendship Society" in Germany, the founder and chairman of "The Graduates of German Speaking Universities" in Lebanon, the Vice-President of the "5th of June society" and a Co-founder of "AMAL Organization". Dr. El-Hassan was a close associate to Imam Moussa El-Sader in his various political and social endeavors, and has been active in the political domain, mainly through writing articles on political and social issues.

He represents the Chiite Islamic Supreme Council on the Committee.